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You guys, it’s no secret I love my sisters to death. But over the last few months I’ve been so impressed with them. They had an idea that began with one’s obsession with yoga (Andrea, of course) and the other’s passion for exploring every last fun thing to do in our favorite town (clearly Natalie), and they turned it into something pretty damn amazing, if I do say so myself. Something called Yoga+ Chicago.

Simple idea, really: a one hour yoga class followed by a new, local activity that changes up every month. Flower arranging, pasta making, wine tasting and the like at interesting spots all over the city… this month it’s punch making at Thalia Hall. Seriously, how fun is that?! If I were local, you better believe this is how I’d be spending my Saturdays.

So here’s to pursuing what you love, getting your sweat on and capping off your summer weekends with a big bowl of punch!

((P.S. Their last few events sold out quickly, so if you’re in town be sure to grab tickets @ — and because we’re all friends here, you can use promo code PUNCH to get the family special ;) Follow along via tumblr or instagram too while you’re at it, and enjoy!))

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Umm yes please.

Umm yes please.

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